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  • Sally McNee
    Sally McNee
    role: Blonde Girl with Robot
  • Doc Smith
    Doc Smith
    role: Long Haired Shop ...
  • Russell Kirby
    Russell Kirby
    role: Shoplifter
  • Kenny Taylor
    Kenny Taylor
    role: Store Detective
  • Wilhelmena Castricum
    Wilhelmena Castricum
    role: Teddy Bear Thief
  • Max Gillies
    Max Gillies
    role: Dr. Woolf
  • Anne Hetherington
    Anne Hetherington
    role: Sandy
  • Tim Robertson
    role: Detective
  • Helen Garner
    Helen Garner
    role: Jo
  • Carol Porter
    Carol Porter
    role: Gerry
  • Phil Motherwell
    role: Ed
  • Dawn Bensing
    Dawn Bensing
    role: Linda
  • Gena Brookes
    Gena Brookes
    role: Keryn the Junky Girl
  • Stuart Green
    Stuart Green
    role: Tap Drinking Man
  • John Laurie
    John Laurie
    role: John
  • Garry Waddell
  • Vicki Heal
    Vicki Heal
    role: Girl on Phone
  • John Lee
    role: Man in Beanie
  • Zoran Vimposhek
    Zoran Vimposhek
    role: Harry Behind the Door
  • Bert Deling
    Bert Deling
    role: Lygon Street Wanderer
  • Chrissie Hooper
    Chrissie Hooper
    role: Girl in Record Shop
  • Larry Meltzer
    Larry Meltzer
    role: Record Shop Worker
  • Mick Duncan
    Mick Duncan
    role: Mick
  • Korshed Khan
    Korshed Khan
    role: Girl in Waiting Room
  • David 'Doormouse' Shepherd
    David 'Doormouse' ...
    role: Bearded Man
  • Abe Frankel
    Abe Frankel
    role: Wilson
  • Willy Kerr
    Willy Kerr
    role: Willy the Chemist Burglar
  • Domenico DeClario
    Domenico DeClario
    role: Cop in Chemist Shop
  • Rod Grayson
    Rod Grayson
    role: Bearded Man in Chemist
  • Paul Janson
    Paul Janson
    role: John the Party Man