přidat herce


  • Pedro Pano
    role: Pedro
  • Albert Brooks
    Albert Brooks
    role: Hay Love
  • Kurupt
    role: Krego
  • Tony Pacheco
    Tony Pacheco
    role: Fredrico
  • Mark R. Gerson
    role: Cesar
  • Jonnie Dearenzo
    role: Venus
  • Mariano Mendoza
    role: Mariano
  • C.T. Fletcher
    role: Ray Ray
  • Tony Cox
    role: J Rob
  • Ryan Combs
    role: Brisco
  • Sam Fairbanks
    Sam Fairbanks
    role: Ruffis
  • Dino Allen
    role: Dr. Kenagang
  • Rashaad Lewis
    Rashaad Lewis
    role: Brisco 2
  • James Green
    James Green
    role: J Rob 2
  • Anthony Duran
    Anthony Duran
    role: Pedro 2
  • Terence Patton
    Terence Patton
    role: Hay Love 2
  • Nelson Batiste
    Nelson Batiste
    role: Gangster 1
  • Calvin White
    Calvin White
    role: Gangster 2
  • Charles Lew
    Charles Lew
    role: Desert Fighter
  • Stephen Folds
    Stephen Folds
    role: Fight Announcer
  • Lamont
    role: Krego Bodyguard 1
  • Curtis Aubrey
    role: Dr. Kenagang Security 1
  • Bernie Hendrix
    Bernie Hendrix
    role: Dr. Kenagang Security 2
  • Ariel Kashanchi
    Ariel Kashanchi
    role: Nurse 1
  • Mariana Marino
    Mariana Marino
    role: Nurse 2
  • Rosie Garcia
    role: That Ass Girl
  • Ray Torres
    role: Fight Gambler
  • Armondo Davalos
    Armondo Davalos
    role: Fredrico's Security
  • Yolanda Aulloque
    Yolanda Aulloque
    role: Bet Collector
  • Charles Stelzried
    role: Guy At Fight And Party