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  • Trevor Howard
    role: Georg Friedrich Handel
  • Dave Griffiths
    Dave Griffiths
    role: Middle-aged Handel
  • Christopher Bramwell
    role: Young Handel
  • Ranald Neilson
    Ranald Neilson
    role: The Boy Handel
  • Tracey Spence
    Tracey Spence
    role: Mary Granville
  • Anne Downie
    Anne Downie
    role: Vittoria Turquini
  • Simon Donald
    Simon Donald
    role: Prince Ruspoll
  • Peter Stanger
    Peter Stanger
    role: Domenico Scarlatti
  • Beth Robens
    Beth Robens
    role: Handel's Mother
  • Mitzi Mueller
    role: Francesca Cuzzoni
  • Elizabeth Lax
    role: The Second Soprano
  • Chris Young
    Chris Young
    role: Buxtehude
  • Caroline Woolley
    Caroline Woolley
    role: Marie Sallé
  • Shona Drummond
    Shona Drummond
    role: The Handmaiden
  • Isabella Connell
    Isabella Connell
    role: The Princess of Wales
  • John Hibbs
    role: Various Affronted Persons
  • Elizabeth Harwood
    Elizabeth Harwood
    role: Singer 'I know that my ...
  • James Bowman
    role: Singer 'Ombra mai fu'
  • Valerie Masterson
    role: Singer 'Happy We'
  • Anthony Rolfe-Johnson
    Anthony Rolfe-Johnson
    role: Singer 'Happy We'
  • Lynn Anderson
    role: Singer 'See the ...
  • John Shirley Quirk
    John Shirley Quirk
    role: Singer 'Awake the ardour ...
  • Judith Howarth
    role: Singer 'See the ...
  • Andrew Dalton
    Andrew Dalton
    role: Singer 'Cara Sposa'
  • Roger Cleverdon
    Roger Cleverdon
    role: Singer 'La Mia Sorte'
  • Emma Kirkby
    Emma Kirkby
    role: Singer 'But who may ...
  • Karl Ehricht
    Karl Ehricht
    role: Organist playing in Halle
  • Andrei Gavrilov
    Andrei Gavrilov
    role: Pianist 'The Passacaglia'
  • Simon Preston
    Simon Preston
    role: Organist 'The Organ ...