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  • Ann Miller
    role: Terry Baxter
  • Jess Barker
    role: George Carter Haven
  • Charlie Barnet
    Charlie Barnet
    role: Charlie Barnet
  • Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra
    Charlie Barnet and His ...
    role: Charlie Barnet Orchestra
  • Louis Armstrong
    role:Louis Armstrong
  • Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
    Louis Armstrong and His ...
    role:Louis Armstrong
  • Alvino Rey
    Alvino Rey
    role: Alvino Rey
  • Alvino Rey's Orchestra
    Alvino Rey's Orchestra
    role: Alvino Rey Orchestra
  • Jan Garber
    Jan Garber
    role: Jan Garber
  • Jan Garber's Orchestra
    Jan Garber's Orchestra
    role: Jan Garber Orchestra
  • Glen Gray
    Glen Gray
    role: Glen Gray
  • Glen Gray's Orchestra
    Glen Gray's Orchestra
    role: Glen Gray Orchestra
  • Teddy Powell
    Teddy Powell
    role: Teddy Powell
  • Teddy Powell's Orchestra
    Teddy Powell's Orchestra
    role: Teddy Powell Orchestra
  • Nan Wynn
    Nan Wynn
    role: Nan Wynn
  • The Pied Pipers
    role: The Pied Pipers
  • Jo Stafford
    role: Pied Piper Member
  • Alan Storr
    Alan Storr
    role: Pied Piper Member
  • Clark Yocum
    Clark Yocum
    role: Pied Piper Member
  • Doris Ake
    Doris Ake
    role: Woman Armstrong Sings To
  • Hank Bell
    role: Stagecoach Driver in ...
  • Eddie Bruce
    role: Tour Guide
  • Daisy Bufford
    Daisy Bufford
    role: Woman Armstrong Sings To
  • Marguerite Campbell
    Marguerite Campbell
    role: Jitterbug
  • George M. Carleton
    role: Cap
  • Bill Cartledge
    role: Dancer
  • Paul Conrad
    role: Rip
  • Vernon Dent
    role: Butler
  • John Dilson
    role: Resident Mistaken for ...
  • Pauline Drake
    role: Evelyn