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  • Jonathan Adams
    role: Capt. Julius Belwether RN
  • Marcia Bennett
    Marcia Bennett
    role: Girl at lodging house
  • Tony Caunter
    role: Sir William Congreve
  • Robert Cawdron
    role: Robert Fulton
  • Carl Conway
    Carl Conway
    role: Sailor in Devon
  • Aubrey Danvers-Walker
    Aubrey Danvers-Walker
    role: Sullivan
  • Patricia Gordino
    Patricia Gordino
    role: Young lady in carriage
  • Paul Grist
    Paul Grist
    role: Lt. Simon Lamb RN
  • James Haswell
    James Haswell
    role: Sailor aboard the ...
  • Ricky Lansing
    Ricky Lansing
    role: Coachman
  • Steve Peters
    Steve Peters
    role: Staff Officer at the ...
  • Rex Rashley
    Rex Rashley
    role: Ancient Admiral
  • Kynaston Reeves
    role: Admiral
  • Terry Scully
    role:Lord Nelson
  • Terry Scully
    role: Lord Nelson
  • John Abineri
    role: Louis Rene Lavassoir ...