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  • Rüdiger Vogler
    role: Philip 'Phil' Winter
  • Yella Rottländer
    Yella Rottländer
    role: Alice
  • Lisa Kreuzer
    role: Lisa - Alice's Mother(as ...
  • Edda Köchl
    Edda Köchl
    role: Angela - Friend in New ...
  • Ernest Boehm
    Ernest Boehm
    role: Publisher
  • Sam Presti
    Sam Presti
    role: Car Dealer
  • Lois Moran
    role: Airport Hostess
  • Didi Petrikat
    Didi Petrikat
    role: Friend in Frankfurt
  • Hans Hirschmüller
    role: Police Officer
  • Sibylle Baier
    Sibylle Baier
    role: The Woman
  • Mirko
  • Julia Baier
    Julia Baier
    role: Young Girl on Ferry
  • Wim Wenders
    role: Man by Jukebox
  • Peter Genée
    role: Man Looking at Monitor ...
  • Peter Handke
    role: Man at Chuck Berry ...
  • Jane Jarvis
    Jane Jarvis
    role: Organist at Shea Stadium
  • Micky Kley
    Micky Kley
    role: Woman Behind Philip and ...
  • Martin Müller
    role: Man on Empire State ...
  • Joachim von Mengershausen
    role: Man on Amsterdam Tour ...