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  • Shelley Carroll
    Shelley Carroll
    role: City Councillor of ...
  • George Elliott Clarke
    George Elliott Clarke
    role: Poet Laureate & ...
  • Francesca Ekwuyasi
    Francesca Ekwuyasi
    role: Writer & Photographer
  • Mike Hassell
    Mike Hassell
    role: Friend of Mike Brown
  • El Jones
    El Jones
    role: Professor & Poet
  • Folami Jones
    Folami Jones
    role: Community Activist
  • Rocky Jones
    Rocky Jones
    role: Community Activist
  • Rose Loku
    Rose Loku
    role: Andrew Loku's Sister
  • Truman Phillips
    Truman Phillips
    role: Barber
  • Kardeisha Provo
    Kardeisha Provo
    role: North Preston Resident
  • Lameia Reddick
    Lameia Reddick
    role: Community Activist
  • Issac Saney
    Issac Saney
    role: Professor
  • Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders
    role: Chief of Police of ...
  • Lowell Stephens
    Lowell Stephens
    role: Owner of Onyx Barbers
  • John Tory
    John Tory
    role: Toronto Mayor