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  • Rhona Brody
    Rhona Brody
    role: Phyllis Loden
  • Kathryn A. Mensik
    Kathryn A. Mensik
    role: Muffy Fairlane
  • Tammy Pescatelli
    Tammy Pescatelli
    role: Elizabeth McKay
  • Kimberly Ann Kurtenbach
    role: Alison Murphy
  • Laura Schutter
    Laura Schutter
    role: Shelley Styles
  • Jim Boggess
    Jim Boggess
    role: Betty Prunish
  • Steve Kollin
    Steve Kollin
    role: Cameron Owens
  • Matthew Speak
    Matthew Speak
    role: Paul Whitewater
  • Don Abbott
    Don Abbott
    role: Master of Ceremonies
  • Clare Wagner
    Clare Wagner
    role: Alma
  • Tom Hart
    Tom Hart
    role: News Anchor
  • Leann Donovan
    Leann Donovan
    role: Tammi Conklin
  • Phillip Young
    Phillip Young
    role: Fire Chief
  • Kathie Hesse
    Kathie Hesse
    role: Neighbor 1
  • Roselle Jackson
    Roselle Jackson
    role: Neighbor 2
  • Eartha Riley
    Eartha Riley
    role: Eartha
  • Buffer Partlow
    Buffer Partlow
    role: Eartha
  • Shane Partlow
    role: Pizza Waiter
  • Curtis Mohr
    Curtis Mohr
    role: The Coroner Marv
  • Mark Swaner
    role: Darren
  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle
    role: Geek
  • Thomas J. White
    Thomas J. White
    role: Geek
  • Timothy Flaherty
    Timothy Flaherty
    role: Geek
  • Amy M. Brown
    Amy M. Brown
    role: Stunt Baton Twirler
  • Marge Guimbellot
    Marge Guimbellot
    role: Vicky Murphy
  • Arnold Brown
    role: Fred Murphy
  • Sophie Donovan
    Sophie Donovan
    role: Mabel
  • Don Braid
    Don Braid
    role: Convenience Store Clerk
  • Ed 'Jonesy' Jones
    Ed 'Jonesy' Jones
    role: Shelly's Dad
  • Sharon Partlow
    Sharon Partlow
    role: Shelly's Mom