přidat herce


  • Elaine Paige
    role: Grizabella the Glamour ...
  • John Mills
    role: Gus the Theatre Cat
  • Ken Page
    role: Old Deuteronomy
  • Rosemarie Ford
    role: Bombalurina
  • Michael Gruber
    Michael Gruber
    role: Munkustrap
  • John Partridge
    role: Rum Tum Tugger
  • Aeva May
    Aeva May
    role: Demeter
  • Geoffrey Garratt
    Geoffrey Garratt
    role: Skimbleshanks the ...
  • James Barron
    role: Bustopher Jones
  • Jo Gibb
    Jo Gibb
    role: Rumpleteazer
  • Drew Varley
    Drew Varley
    role: Mungojerrie
  • Susie McKenna
    role: Jennyanydots the Gumbie ...
  • Jacob Brent
    Jacob Brent
    role: pan Mistoffelees
  • Susan Jane Tanner
    role: Jellylorum
  • Phyllida Crowley Smith
    role: Victoria
  • Bryn Walters
    Bryn Walters
    role: Plato / Macavity the ...
  • Veerle Casteleyn
    Veerle Casteleyn
    role: Jemima
  • Tommi Sliiden
    Tommi Sliiden
    role: Coricopat
  • Kaye Brown
    Kaye Brown
    role: Tantomile
  • Karl Morgan
    Karl Morgan
    role: Pouncival
  • Leah Sue Morland
    Leah Sue Morland
    role: Electra
  • Jo Bingham
    Jo Bingham
    role: Etcetera
  • Fergus Logan
    Fergus Logan
    role: Tumblebrutus
  • Tony Timberlake
    Tony Timberlake
    role: Asparagus
  • Jason Gardiner
    role: Alonzo
  • Femi Taylor
    role: Exotica
  • Frank Thompson
    Frank Thompson
    role: Admetus / Rumpus Cat
  • Rebecca Parker
    Rebecca Parker
    role: Cassandra
  • Beth Robson
    Beth Robson
    role: Stand In & Swing
  • David Arneil
    David Arneil
    role: Skimbleshanks