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  • Mark Angelosetti
    role: 'Mr. Touchdown' Mark ...
  • Missile Assault Ant
    role: Missile Assault Ant- The ...
  • Lucas Calhoun
    Lucas Calhoun
    role: Volgar- The Flood
  • Stephen Frightmare
    role: Frightmare- The Spectral ...
  • Chris Estrada
    role: Obariyon- The Batiri
  • Carl Wiggins
    Carl Wiggins
    role: Hallowicked- The ...
  • Green Ant
    role: Silver Ant- The Colony
  • Dustin Howard
    role: Chuck Taylor
  • Marco Ares
    role: Ares-The Flood
  • Stephen King
    Stephen King
    role: Deucalion- The Flood
  • Johnny Mangue
    role: Jaka
  • Shane Matthews
    Shane Matthews
    role: Big Magic Shane ...
  • Jacob McCarter
    Jacob McCarter
    role: Shynron
  • Ed McGuckin
    Ed McGuckin
    role: Jigsaw- GEKIDO
  • Eddie Kingston
    role: Eddie Kingston
  • Josh Movado
    Josh Movado
    role: Mysterious Movado
  • Nelson Assailant
    role: Worker Ant- The Colony
  • Jeff Parker
    role: Scott Jagged Parker- 3.0
  • James Pash
    James Pash
    role: Sir Oliver Grimsley- The ...
  • Sebastian Reese
    role: Max Smashmaster- The ...
  • Louie Rodriguez
    role: Kodama- The Batiri
  • Jimmy Jacobs
    Jimmy Jacobs
    role: Jimmy Jacobs - The Flood
  • Rob Grymes
    Rob Grymes
    role: The Shard- GEKIDO
  • Mike Spillane
    Mike Spillane
    role: Mike Quackenbush- ...
  • Leonard F. Chikarason
    Leonard F. Chikarason
    role: Leonard F. Chikarason- ...
  • Thomas Stintsman
    role: Blaster McMassive- The ...
  • Josh Thor
    Josh Thor
    role: Oleg the Usurper- The ...
  • Timothy P. Vassa
    Timothy P. Vassa
    role: Blind Rage- The Spectral ...