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  • Merideth Haze
    Merideth Haze
    role: Gretta Connors
  • Rick Barnes
    Rick Barnes
    role: Glen Marshall
  • J. Martin Sellers
    J. Martin Sellers
    role: George Youngmeyer
  • Toni Covington
    Toni Covington
    role: Contessa Pacelli
  • William Charles
    William Charles
    role: Federico Libuse
  • Norm Keefer
    role:Mary Quite Contrary
  • Mark E. Ridley
    role: Prince Flubutu
  • Theresa Jenson
    Theresa Jenson
    role: Helen
  • David Lee Daniels
    David Lee Daniels
    role: Lola the Drag Queen
  • Lou Dornbush
    Lou Dornbush
    role: Poppa next door
  • Dorothy Mitchell
    Dorothy Mitchell
    role: Momma next door
  • Michael G. Cavanaugh
    Michael G. Cavanaugh
    role: Porno shop salesman
  • Tom Costello
    Tom Costello
    role: Producer in office
  • Phyllis Guerrini
    Phyllis Guerrini
    role: Glen's mother
  • Kim Keeler
    Kim Keeler
    role: Movie director
  • Robert Diarte
    Robert Diarte
    role: Movie cameraman
  • Marty Hicks
    Marty Hicks
    role: Movie assistant cameraman
  • Arthur Braham
    Arthur Braham
    role: Mad professor in movie
  • Phillis Davis
    Phillis Davis
    role: Nurse in movie
  • Becky Meecham
    Becky Meecham
    role: Plump patient in movie
  • Dorothy Whylling
    Dorothy Whylling
    role: Aunt Penelope
  • Jack Fitzgerald
    Jack Fitzgerald
    role: Psychiatrist
  • Leigh Ann Lowery
    Leigh Ann Lowery
    role: Ruby
  • Tammy Smith
    Tammy Smith
    role: Dixie
  • Larry Wright
    Larry Wright
    role: Vice cop
  • Lisa Watkins
    Lisa Watkins
    role: Honey Bear
  • Ruth Gentry
    Ruth Gentry
    role: Butch in hallway
  • Philip Yordan
    role: Dirty old man
  • Ron Poulton
    Ron Poulton
    role: Dirty young man
  • Sharon Howard
    Sharon Howard
    role: Olga the masseuse