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  • Eric Roberts
    role:President of the United ...
  • Eliza Roberts
    role: First Lady
  • John-Paul Howard
    role: Danny Milbright
  • Little Bear
    role: Teddy - The First Dog
  • Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
    role: Big Mike
  • Priscilla Barnes
    role: June Angell
  • Paula Devicq
    role: Vicky-Ann
  • Tim Peyton
    Tim Peyton
    role: Henderson
  • Linda Bella
    role: Sally
  • Kerry Wallum
    role: Band Manager
  • Alexander Yurchikov
    role: Agent Morello
  • Bill Heiser
    Bill Heiser
    role: Agent Alcove
  • Corbin Timbrook
    role: Mr. Brentwood
  • Bernie Kopell
    role: Psychiatrist Juvenile ...
  • Myles Williams
    Myles Williams
    role: Foster Child
  • Ivan Bracy Jr.
    Ivan Bracy Jr.
    role: Foster Child
  • Mateo Garnica
    Mateo Garnica
    role: Foster Child
  • Rayna Sheftman
    Rayna Sheftman
    role: Foster Child
  • Chris Houle
    Chris Houle
    role: Foster Child
  • Joe Estevez
    role: Prime Minister of Canada
  • Constance Anderson
    role: Prime Minister's Wife
  • Amber Harmon
    Amber Harmon
    role: Amber
  • Billy Baker
    Billy Baker
    role: Juvenile Delinquent Bully
  • Jessica Hurtado
    Jessica Hurtado
    role: RV Teenager
  • Devon Weightman
    Devon Weightman
    role: RV Teenager
  • Lauryn Geimer
    Lauryn Geimer
    role: RV Teenager
  • Billy Berry
    Billy Berry
    role: RV Teenager
  • Joey Edgar
    Joey Edgar
    role: RV Teenager
  • Mark Masoni
    Mark Masoni
    role: Mr. Watson
  • Lisa Masoni
    Lisa Masoni
    role: Mrs. Watson
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