přidat herce


  • Shane Conrad
    role: Eric Clarke
  • Morgan Daniel
    role: Johnny Hayes
  • Donna Barnes
    Donna Barnes
    role: Lisa Clarke
  • Linda Kim
    role: Nicky Sands
  • Don Schlossman
    role: Officer Maloney
  • C.T. Miller
    role: Officer Billips
  • Rhonda Le
    Rhonda Le
    role: Nancy Sands
  • Jenny Moss
    Jenny Moss
    role: Becky Patterson
  • Michael A. Candela
    role: Tony Gagantano
  • Jon Polito
    role: Giorgio Gagantano
  • Mitchell Whitfield
    role: Steven Hayes
  • Angelyne
    role: Hitchhiker
  • Vincent Jenzano
    Vincent Jenzano
    role: The Kid
  • Gary Gershaw
    role: Tommy Patterson
  • Darrin Reed
    role: Detective Jameson
  • Dean Swaydan
    Dean Swaydan
    role: the agent David
  • Victoria Sellers
    Victoria Sellers
    role: the waitress Susie
  • Bill French
    role: Johnny's Father
  • Christina Ashe
    role: Stephanie
  • Brenda Hibbard
    Brenda Hibbard
    role: Candy Cox
  • Kevin Schlossman
    Kevin Schlossman
    role: Young Johnny
  • Chuck McCollum
    role: Anniversary Guy 1
  • Martin Bedoian
    Martin Bedoian
    role: Anniversary Guy 2
  • Michael Ordona
    Michael Ordona
    role: Convenient Store Clerk
  • Reed Anthony
    role: Toy Store Clerk
  • Jeff Holden
    Jeff Holden
    role: Emporium Customer
  • Barbara Bush
    Barbara Bush
    role: Police Officer
  • Robert Baade
    Robert Baade
    role: 3rd Detective
  • Ivan Fatovic
    role: Toy Store Customer