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  • Sybil Temtchine
    role: Our Gal
  • H.M. Wynant
    role: Victor
  • Pippa Scott
    role: Genevieve
  • John Brickner
    John Brickner
    role: E-Man
  • Catherine Bruhier
    Catherine Bruhier
    role: Cat Woman
  • Charley Rossman
    role: Mike the Tour Guide
  • Kirk Bovill
    role: Solitary Stranger
  • Riley Weston
    role: Super Girl
  • Joe Roseto
    Joe Roseto
    role: Joe the Auditor
  • R.J. Cantu
    R.J. Cantu
    role: Manny
  • Jeris Poindexter
    role: Homeless Man
  • Jim Braswell
    Jim Braswell
    role: Robert
  • Steve Pacini
    Steve Pacini
    role: Robo-Dude
  • Jean Iavelli
    Jean Iavelli
    role: Grandma
  • Stephanie Porges
    Stephanie Porges
    role: Teen Girl #2
  • Nichole Porges
    Nichole Porges
    role: Teen Girl #1
  • Rita Khrabrovitsky
    Rita Khrabrovitsky
    role: Lost Russian