přidat herce


  • Kathy Bell
    Kathy Bell
    role: Patty O'Malley
  • Noel Cunningham
    role: Noel 'Peanuts' Cady
  • Sean P. Griffin
    role: Art 'The Fart' Bullfinch
  • Max McClellan
    Max McClellan
    role: Mike 'The Bod' Karpel
  • Kevin Moore
    role: 'Eaglescout' Terwilliger
  • Lance Norwood
    Lance Norwood
    role: Ralphy Parks
  • Ted Oyama
    Ted Oyama
    role: Umeki Siddaharo
  • Michael Pastore
    Michael Pastore
    role: Roger 'Fingers' Ross
  • Xavier Rodrigo
    Xavier Rodrigo
    role: Buster
  • Philip Scuderi
    Philip Scuderi
    role: Danny Mayfield
  • David Schmalholz
    David Schmalholz
    role: Fritz 'Bionic Mouth' ...
  • Nancy Willis
    Nancy Willis
    role: Sharyn Dixon
  • Andy Weeks
    Andy Weeks
    role: 'Scoop' Maxwell
  • Todd Weeks
    Todd Weeks
    role: Timmy Deutsch
  • Richard Lincoln
    Richard Lincoln
    role: Eddie Burke
  • James Zvanut
    James Zvanut
    role: Burt Honneger
  • Samantha Grey
    Samantha Grey
    role: Bette Burke
  • Manny Lieberman
    Manny Lieberman
    role: Felix the Umpire
  • Terry Vance
    Terry Vance
    role: Mrs. Mayfield
  • Fred Denham
    Fred Denham
    role: Chief Duggan
  • William Caldwell
    William Caldwell
    role: Kreeger
  • Fred J. Lincoln
    role: Aesop
  • Mary Gamsu
    Mary Gamsu
    role: Judge Morin
  • Victor B. Miller
    Victor B. Miller
    role: Announcer
  • David Poor
    David Poor
    role: Dr. Newton
  • John Anthony Williams
    role: Cop #1
  • John B. Rose
    John B. Rose
    role: Cop #2
  • Luckey Heath
    Luckey Heath
    role: Dr. Sternberg
  • George Ganzle
    George Ganzle
    role: The Con
  • Charles Curtiss
    Charles Curtiss
    role: Chauffeur