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  • Samantha Scully
    Samantha Scully
    role: Laura
  • Bill Moseley
  • Richard C. Adams
  • Richard Beymer
    role: Dr. Newbury
  • Melissa Hellman
    role: Dr. Newbury's Assistant
  • Isabel Cooley
    Isabel Cooley
    role: Hospital Receptionist
  • Eric DaRe
    role: Chris Anderson
  • Leonard Mann
    role: Laura's Psychiatrist
  • Laura Harring
    role: Jerri(as Laura Herring)
  • Carlos Palomino
    role: Truck Driver
  • Elizabeth Hoffman
    role: Granny
  • Marc Dietrich
    Marc Dietrich
    role: Gas Station Attendant
  • Jim Ladd
    role: Newscaster
  • Robert Culp
    role: Lt. Connely
  • Richard N. Gladstein
    role: Detective
  • Tamela Song
    Tamela Song
    role: Nurse
  • Michael Ameen
    Michael Ameen
    role: Coroner
  • Dave Mount Jr.
    Dave Mount Jr.
    role: Policeman
  • Thomas Herod Jr.
    role: Policeman
  • David Umstadter
    David Umstadter
    role: Policeman
  • Joe Torina
    Joe Torina
    role: Policeman
  • Tomczek Bednarek
    Tomczek Bednarek
    role: Paramedic
  • Family The Weiner
    Family The Weiner
    role: Themselves
  • Natalie Anderson
    Natalie Anderson
    role: Hospital Staff
  • Lauren Becker
    Lauren Becker
    role: Hospital Staff
  • Alan Benjamin
    Alan Benjamin
    role: Hospital Staff
  • Sezette Boucher
    Sezette Boucher
    role: Hospital Staff
  • Ila Dane
    Ila Dane
    role: Hospital Staff
  • Adam Friedson
    Adam Friedson
    role: Hospital Staff
  • Trissa Gabay
    Trissa Gabay
    role: Hospital Staff