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  • Sook-Yin Lee
    role: Narrator
  • Edmond Kato Wong
    role: Lim Sam
  • Shawn Chen
    Shawn Chen
    role: New Immigrant
  • Patrick Liang
    Patrick Liang
    role: New Immigrant
  • Mike Ching
    role: New Immigrant
  • Leo Lui
    Leo Lui
    role: Miner
  • Ju Zhang
    Ju Zhang
    role: Miner
  • Jon Pine
    Jon Pine
    role: Medical Officer
  • Tong Lung
    role: Interpreter
  • Ronin Wong
    role: Chiu You
  • Brian Tonomura
    Brian Tonomura
    role: Ah Chee
  • David Yee
    David Yee
    role: Nap Sing
  • Vince Crestejo
    role: Ng Chung
  • Jack Mar
    Jack Mar
    role: Sim Lee
  • Dave Steel
    Dave Steel
    role: Sargeant Walker
  • Terry Chen
    role: New York Syphilitic
  • Giorgio Miyashita
    Giorgio Miyashita
    role: New York Leper
  • John Awoods
    John Awoods
    role: Cop
  • Kevin Kerr
    Kevin Kerr
    role: Journalist
  • Llyn Stewart
    Llyn Stewart
    role: Sanitary Inspector Conlin
  • Michael Cromien
    role: Dr. Duncan
  • Lloyd Lui
    Lloyd Lui
    role: Chin Wah Yuen
  • Luis Lam
    role: Lang Nung
  • Rick Tae
    role: Crying Young Man
  • Bruce Spangler
    Bruce Spangler
    role: Photographer
  • Mitchell A. Lee Yuen
    Mitchell A. Lee Yuen
    role: Escapee
  • Cindy Dang
    Cindy Dang
    role: Wife of Escapee
  • Zak Church
    Zak Church
    role: Journalist, Theodore ...
  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang
    role: Lim Sam's Chinese Voice
  • Rob Daly
    Rob Daly
    role: Lim Sam, Horrors of ...