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  • Simon Haycock
    Simon Haycock
    role: Thomas Dunn
  • Lucy Drive
    role: Mandy Dunn
  • Julie Hoult
    role: Harriet
  • Danny Steele
    Danny Steele
    role: Floyd
  • Sophie Anderson
    role: Samantha
  • Jon Campling
    role: Lucian
  • Toyah Wilcox
    role: Claire Dove
  • Michael Bott
    role: Commander Jeff Phillburn
  • Kate Marie Davies
    role: Lt. Claire Dangerfield
  • Julian Boote
    role: Lt. Alan Carter
  • Ian Brooker
    role: Father Robert
  • John Dyer
    role: Prime Minister Carl ...
  • Raine McCormack
    Raine McCormack
    role: Freddy Dunn
  • Nina Stratford
    Nina Stratford
    role: President of the United ...
  • Ben Shockley
    role: Billy McCoy
  • Craig Rogers
    Craig Rogers
    role: Brian Dunn
  • Craig Rogers
    Craig Rogers
    role: Brian Dunn
  • Cameron Moon
    role: Khan
  • Koral Neil
    Koral Neil
    role: Jenny Marshall
  • Philip Jennings
    Philip Jennings
    role: UK Secretary of Defense
  • Amira Whitaker
    Amira Whitaker
    role: Tamara Montgomery
  • Roger Harding
    role: General Goldman
  • Nick Lancaster
    Nick Lancaster
    role: Kaleidoscope Man
  • Ian Reddington
    role: Gerry Miller
  • Paul Lincoln
    Paul Lincoln
    role: Freddy Dunn
  • Celine Abrahams
    role: Gwen
  • Holly Jacobson
    Holly Jacobson
    role: Young Harriet
  • Genevieve Lowe
    Genevieve Lowe
    role: CAT Assassin
  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith
    role: Assassin's Victim
  • Colin Murtagh
    role: Zombie Policeman