přidat herce


  • Ephraim Sykes
    role: Bradley Darnell Lyle
  • Andre Myers
    role: Carter
  • Phillip Evelyn
    Phillip Evelyn
    role: Princess Eminence
  • Barbie-Q
    role: Queef Latina
  • Cameron Koa
    Cameron Koa
    role: Duke Eminence
  • James Alsop
    role: Eppie Durall
  • Metra Dee
    Metra Dee
    role: Deondra Lyle
  • Demarkes Dogan
    role: Caldwell Jones
  • Hailie Weaver
    Hailie Weaver
    role: Ball Cashier
  • D.J. Fatha Julz
    D.J. Fatha Julz
    role: MC at 1st and 3rd ball
  • Lady Red Couture
    role: Christina Allure
  • Roxy Wood
    role: Glam House Mother
  • Daveione Williams
    Daveione Williams
    role: House of Eminence Member
  • Cornelius Wilson
    Cornelius Wilson
    role: House of Eminence Member
  • Koreyo Kreame
    Koreyo Kreame
    role: House of Eminence Member
  • James Lee Johnson
    James Lee Johnson
    role: House of Eminence
  • Giovanni Watson
    role: Bored Prison Guard
  • Michael Franklin
    role: Thug Realness
  • Clent Bowers
    Clent Bowers
    role: Eppie's Father
  • Donald Webber
    Donald Webber
    role: Christina's brother
  • Ledisi Young
    role: Princess' Mother
  • Charlotte Crossley
    role: Queef's Mother
  • Oren Waters
    role: Queef's Father
  • Engels Santana
    Engels Santana
    role: Christina's Voguer
  • Steve Kaminski
    Steve Kaminski
    role: Shoe Man
  • Ernest Anthony Smith
    Ernest Anthony Smith
    role: MC 2nd Ball
  • Jeff Manabat
    Jeff Manabat
    role: Rice Blended
  • Michael Perri
    Michael Perri
    role: Police Officer
  • Maria Dalbotten
    Maria Dalbotten
    role: Robbed Customer
  • Geoff James
    role: Bowling Alley Hair Guy