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  • Deborah Foreman
    role: Mary
  • Dean Jacobson
    role: Stevie Horowitz
  • S.D. Nemeth
    role: The Dreaded Lobster Man
  • Anthony Hickox
    role: John
  • Tony Curtis
    role: J.P. Shelldrake
  • Mindy Kennedy
    Mindy Kennedy
    role: Tammy
  • Phil Proctor
    role: Lou
  • Tim Haldeman
    role: Marvin
  • Bobby Pickett
    role: The Astrologer
  • Richard Wright
    role: The Bearded Slave
  • Ava Fabian
    role: The Queen of Mars
  • Sage Whitfield
    Sage Whitfield
    role: Beautiful Martian Maiden
  • Erica Evans
    Erica Evans
    role: Beautiful Martian Maiden
  • Robert Breeze
    Robert Breeze
    role: Another Slave
  • Tommy Sledge
    Tommy Sledge
    role: Detective
  • Jim Bentley
    role: Rufus
  • Skip Young
    role: Zip
  • Fred Holliday
    role: Colonel Ankrum
  • William Ackerman
    William Ackerman
    role: Auto Mechanic
  • M.G. Kelly
    role: Big Dick Strange
  • Patrick Macnee
    role: Professor Plocostomos
  • Christopher Best
    Christopher Best
    role: Guy in the T-Bird
  • Karen Kelley Dugan
    Karen Kelley Dugan
    role: Gal in the T-Bird
  • Gary M. Bettman
    role: Gomer's Motel Clerk
  • Caroline Beil
    role: Astonished Girl
  • Jan Gaye
    Jan Gaye
    role: Chef Lola
  • Deboragh Pryor
    Deboragh Pryor
    role: Chef Mola
  • Melinda Davis
    Melinda Davis
    role: Terrorized Girl in the ...
  • Jenna Dionne Scacia
    Jenna Dionne Scacia
    role: Terrorized Girl in the ...
  • Maren Scacia
    Maren Scacia
    role: Terrorized Girl in the ...
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