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  • Islam Balbaa
    Islam Balbaa
    role: Deep Throat
  • Stephanie Caruso
    Stephanie Caruso
    role: Hooker
  • Dan Chichagov
    Dan Chichagov
    role: Rubber Glove kid
  • Daniel Chicagov
    Daniel Chicagov
    role: Rubber Glove kid
  • Phil Dukarsky
    Phil Dukarsky
    role: Brother 2
  • Celine Filion
    Celine Filion
    role: Sacrifice
  • Paul Finnigan
    role: Rubber Glove Father
  • Richard Groen
    role: Man in Bed
  • Mel Guibz
    role: Woman in Bed
  • Ben Hamelin
    Ben Hamelin
    role: Brother 1
  • Joelle Hamilton
    Joelle Hamilton
    role: Psychologist
  • Edith Landreville
    Edith Landreville
    role: Customer
  • James Laurin
    James Laurin
    role: John
  • Ellen Manchee
    role: Rubber Glove Mother
  • John E. McLenachan
    role: Dungeon Father
  • Gary Peterson
    Gary Peterson
    role: Reporter
  • Anik Rompre
    role: Wife
  • Dakota Roos-Adams
    Dakota Roos-Adams
    role: Dungeon kid
  • Kidist Tadesse
    Kidist Tadesse
    role: Psychic
  • Sherry Thurig
    role: Dungeon Mother
  • Chris Urquhart
    Chris Urquhart
    role: Lord of the Onion Rings
  • Sharon Rouette Urquhart
    Sharon Rouette Urquhart
    role: Panicked woman
  • Jurgen Vollrath
    role: The Sage