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  • Yahoo Serious
    role: Albert Einstein
  • Odile Le Clezio
    role: Marie Curie
  • John Howard
    role: Preston Preston
  • Peewee Wilson
    Peewee Wilson
    role: pan Einstein
  • Su Cruickshank
    role: paní Einstein
  • Lulu Pinkus
    role: The Blonde
  • Kaarin Fairfax
    role: The Brunette
  • Michael Lake
    role: Manager
  • Jonathan Coleman
    role: Wolfgang Bavarian
  • Johnny McCall
    Johnny McCall
    role: Rudy Bavarian / ...
  • Michael Blaxland
    Michael Blaxland
    role: Desk Clerk
  • Ray Fogo
    Ray Fogo
    role: Bright Clerk
  • Terry Pead
    Terry Pead
    role: Inventor Couple
  • Alice Pead
    Alice Pead
    role: Inventor Couple
  • Frank McDonald
    Frank McDonald
    role: Nihilist
  • Tony Harvey
    role: Bursar
  • Tim Elliott
    role: Lecturer
  • Ray Winslade
    Ray Winslade
    role: Droving Student
  • Ian 'Dano' Rogerson
    Ian 'Dano' Rogerson
    role: Randy Student
  • Wendy De Waal
    Wendy De Waal
    role: Prudish Student
  • P.J. Voeten
    role: Chinese Student
  • Peter Zakrzewski
    Peter Zakrzewski
    role: Kid
  • Sally Zakrzewski
    Sally Zakrzewski
    role: Kid
  • Zanzi Mann
    Zanzi Mann
    role: Kid
  • Conky Heygate
    Conky Heygate
    role: Kid
  • Shannen De Villermont
    Shannen De Villermont
    role: Kid
  • Mark Bell
    Mark Bell
    role: Kid
  • Warren Coleman
    role: Lunatic Professor
  • Glenn Butcher
    role: Ernest Rutherford
  • Steve Abbott
    Steve Abbott
    role: Brian Asprin