přidat herce


  • Mary Vivian Pearce
    role: The Bombshell
  • Divine
    role: Divine
  • David Lochary
    role: Asylum Inmate
  • Mink Stole
    role: Homeless Woman/Asylum ...
  • Bob Skidmore
    Bob Skidmore
    role: Asylum Personnel
  • Margie Skidmore
    Margie Skidmore
    role: Shocked Mother in Park
  • Margie Skidmore
    Margie Skidmore
    role:The Virgin Mary
  • Berenica Cipcus
    Berenica Cipcus
    role: Evil Stepsister #1
  • Jack Walsh
  • Chris Atkinson
    Chris Atkinson
  • Lizzy Temple Black
    Lizzy Temple Black
    role: The Virgin Mary's ...
  • Mark Isherwood
    Mark Isherwood
    role: The Hitch-Hiker
  • Mike Bauer
    Mike Bauer
  • Pat Moran
    role: Dr. Coathanger's ...
  • George Figgs
    role: Asylum Inmate
  • Susan Lowe
    role: Asylum Inmate
  • George Tamsitt
    George Tamsitt
  • Marina Melin
    role: Asylum Inmate
  • Sharon Sandrock
    Sharon Sandrock
  • Gilbert McGill
    Gilbert McGill
  • Alan Reese
    Alan Reese
  • Rick Morrow
    Rick Morrow
    role: News Photographer
  • Mimi Lochary
    Mimi Lochary
    role: Snob #2
  • John Leisenring
    John Leisenring
    role: The Shrimper
  • Tricia Waters
    Tricia Waters
    role: Little Girl
  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh
    role: Car Thief
  • Susan Walsh
    Susan Walsh
    role: Shocked Laundromat Patron
  • John Waters
    role: Reporter
  • Patricia Waters
    Patricia Waters
    role: Little Girl