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  • Divine
    role: Divine
  • David Lochary
    role: Raymond Marble
  • Mary Vivian Pearce
    role: Cotton
  • Mink Stole
    role:Connie Marble
  • Danny Mills
    Danny Mills
    role: Crackers
  • Edith Massey
    role: Edie
  • Channing Wilroy
    role: Channing
  • Cookie Mueller
    role: Cookie
  • Paul Swift
    Paul Swift
    role: The Egg Man
  • Susan Walsh
    Susan Walsh
    role: Suzie
  • Linda Olgeirson
    Linda Olgeirson
    role: Linda
  • Pat Moran
    role: Patty Hitler
  • Jack Walsh
    role: Party Guest
  • Bob Skidmore
    Bob Skidmore
    role: Delivery Boy
  • Pat Lefaiver
    Pat Lefaiver
    role: First Lesbian
  • Jackie Sidel
    Jackie Sidel
    role: Party Guest
  • Julie Munshauer
    Julie Munshauer
    role: Party Guest
  • Steve Yeager
    Steve Yeager
    role: Nat Curzan from "The ...
  • Nancy Crystal
    Nancy Crystal
    role: Sandy Sandstone
  • George Figgs
    role: Bongo player
  • John Oden
    John Oden
    role: Onlooker
  • George Stoll
    George Stoll
    role: Onlooker
  • David Gluck
    David Gluck
    role: Onlooker
  • Elizabeth Coffey
    Elizabeth Coffey
    role: Chick with a Dick
  • Margie Donnelly
    Margie Donnelly
    role: Onlooker
  • Margie Skidmore
    Margie Skidmore
    role: Brunette in park
  • Berenica Cipcus
    Berenica Cipcus
    role: Blonde in park
  • Iris Burman
    Iris Burman
    role: Party Guest
  • Randy Burman
    Randy Burman
    role: Man at deli with hot dog ...
  • Don Blumberg
    Don Blumberg
    role: Party Guest
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