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  • Edgar Bergen
    role: Edgar Bergen
  • Charlie McCarthy
    role: Charlie
  • Bonita Granville
    role: Bonnie
  • W.C. Fields
    role: W, C, Fields
  • Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra
    Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra
    role: Orchestra
  • Jane Powell
    role: Jane Powell
  • Peggy O'Neill
    Peggy O'Neill
    role: Peggy
  • Jackie Moran
    role: Jack Moran
  • Bill Christy
    Bill Christy
    role: Bill
  • Reginald Denny
    role: Director Curtis
  • Regis Toomey
    role: Connors
  • Rose Hobart
    role: Mrs. Powell
  • Brothers The Condos
    Brothers The Condos
    role: Specialty
  • Four The Lipham
    Four The Lipham
    role: Specialty
  • Catron & Popp
    Catron & Popp
    role: Specialty
  • Hollywood Canteen Kids
    Hollywood Canteen Kids
    role: Specialty
  • Sammy Kaye
    Sammy Kaye
    role: Orchestra Leader Sammy ...
  • Sig Arno
    role: Spolo - Still ...
  • Betty Arnold
    Betty Arnold
    role: Small Role
  • Irving Bacon
    role: Man Saying 'Let's Go ...
  • Chuck Faulkner Band
    Chuck Faulkner Band
    role: Faulkner Band
  • Hugh Beaumont
    role: John Moran
  • Ted Billings
    role: Man in Crowd
  • Virginia Brissac
    role: Camp Matron
  • Stanley Catron
    Stanley Catron
    role: Catron of Catron & Popp
  • Cliff Clark
    role: Mr. Evans
  • Barbara Coleman
    Barbara Coleman
    role: Small Role
  • Frank Condos
    Frank Condos
    role: Specialty - A Condos ...
  • Harry Condos
    Harry Condos
    role: Specialty - A Condos ...
  • Steve Condos
    Steve Condos
    role: Specialty - A Condos ...