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  • Gary Coleman
    role: Lester
  • Maureen Stapleton
    role: Mary the Bag Lady
  • Norman Fell
    role: The Mayor
  • Michael Lembeck
    role: Frank
  • Lisa Eilbacher
    role: Jill Klein
  • Bill Russell
    role: Robert
  • Herb Edelman
    role: Sam
  • C. Thomas Cunliffe
    C. Thomas Cunliffe
    role: Shoe Shine Concessioner
  • Belinda Bremner
    Belinda Bremner
    role: Lady with Suitcase
  • Nathan Davis
    role: Mario
  • Mike Bacarella
    role: Sean
  • Jack Wasserman
    Jack Wasserman
    role: Vito
  • Fern Persons
    role: Flower Lady
  • Arthur Smith
    Arthur Smith
    role: Gerald
  • Mike Genovese
    role: Louis
  • Harry Gorsuch
    Harry Gorsuch
    role: Harry
  • George Brengel
    George Brengel
    role: Bookstore Man
  • Corin Rogers
    Corin Rogers
    role: Mark
  • Page Hannah
    role: Sally
  • I.W. Klein
    I.W. Klein
    role: I.R.S. Man
  • Muriel Bach
    Muriel Bach
    role: Beauty Salon Boss Lady
  • Ronda Pierson
    Ronda Pierson
    role: Salon Girl
  • Linda Golla
    Linda Golla
    role: Salon Girl
  • Brenda Lively
    Brenda Lively
    role: Salon Girl
  • John Mohrlein
    role: Thief
  • Sally Benoit
    Sally Benoit
    role: TV Interviewer
  • Thom Brandolino
    Thom Brandolino
    role: TV Crewman
  • Jerry McKay
    Jerry McKay
    role: Pantyhose Peddler
  • Mario Tanzi
    Mario Tanzi
    role: Racetrack Window Man
  • Rick Le Fevour
    role: Mugger