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  • David Byrne
    role: Narrator
  • John Goodman
    role: Louis Fyne
  • Annie McEnroe
    role: Kay Culver
  • Jo Harvey Allen
    role: The Lying Woman
  • Spalding Gray
    role: Earl Culver
  • Alix Elias
    role: The Cute Woman
  • Roebuck 'Pops' Staples
    Roebuck 'Pops' Staples
    role: Mr. Tucker
  • Tito Larriva
    role: Ramon
  • John Ingle
    role: The Preacher
  • Matthew Posey
    role: The Computer Guy
  • Swoosie Kurtz
    role: Miss Rollings
  • Freeman Beatty
    Freeman Beatty
    role: Lip-Syncher
  • Evelyn Box
    Evelyn Box
    role: Hey Now Kid
  • Kevin Box
    Kevin Box
    role: Hey Now Kid
  • Amy Buffington
    Amy Buffington
    role: Linda Culver
  • Cora Cardona
    role: Margie Ortiz
  • Ken Chambers
    Ken Chambers
    role: Member of Fashion Show ...
  • Ray Coahran
    Ray Coahran
    role: Member of Fashion Show ...
  • Jim Colegrove
    Jim Colegrove
    role: Member of Gospel Band
  • Capucine DeWulf
    Capucine DeWulf
    role: The Little Girl on the ...
  • Connie Deaton
    Connie Deaton
    role: Lip-Syncher
  • Tom Denolf
    Tom Denolf
    role: Friend of Passerby
  • Chris Douridas
    role: Ventriloquist
  • Richard Dowlearn
    Richard Dowlearn
    role: Larry Culver
  • L.T. Felty
    L.T. Felty
    role: Duck Hunter
  • Ed Geldart
    role: Grandfather in Mall
  • Cynthia Gould
    Cynthia Gould
    role: Factory Girl #1
  • Gregory Gunter
    role: Laughing Headline Reader ...
  • Jerry Harrison
    role:Billy Idol Lookalike ...
  • Marion Henley
    Marion Henley
    role: Moonstone
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