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  • Richard Conant
    Richard Conant
    role: Purtian
  • Eric Thornsberry
    Eric Thornsberry
    role: Sultan
  • Tom Savini
    role: The Higher Power
  • David Hess
    role: Whiplash
  • Caroline Munro
    role: Abbey Church
  • Rick Scarry
    role: Senator Criswell
  • Michael Berryman
    role: The Seer
  • Tony Todd
    role: The Alchemist
  • Tom Sullivan
    Tom Sullivan
    role: Dr. Corrigan
  • Kevin Van Hentenryck
    Kevin Van Hentenryck
    role: Jenkins
  • Robyn Griggs
    role: Fiona
  • Rebekah Gardner
    Rebekah Gardner
    role: Jezebel
  • Mark Cullison
    Mark Cullison
    role: Fetish
  • Keith Kline
    Keith Kline
    role: Fiona's Assistant
  • Linda Orick
    Linda Orick
    role: Velvet
  • Fritz Chess
    Fritz Chess
    role: Arcane
  • Beth Westgerdes
    Beth Westgerdes
    role: April
  • Jerry C. Gatewood
    Jerry C. Gatewood
    role: Clayton Marduke
  • Mark Hlavin
    Mark Hlavin
    role: The Surgeon
  • Robert Flanagan
    Robert Flanagan
    role: The Grand Inquisitor
  • Nicole Hall
    Nicole Hall
    role: Sex Video Girl
  • Andy Halter
    Andy Halter
    role: The Slug
  • Michael Bradley
    Michael Bradley
    role: Reynolds
  • Emilie Carson
    Emilie Carson
    role: Sultan's Fiancee
  • Steve Palmer
    Steve Palmer
    role: Steven Black
  • Sean Ashbrook
    Sean Ashbrook
    role: Seth
  • Sherry Fisher
    Sherry Fisher
    role: TV News Reporter
  • Dax Davis
    Dax Davis
    role: The Spyder
  • Rocky Nelson
    role: Dr. Buchanan
  • Gary Dile
    Gary Dile
    role: Dr. Garrett Lee