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  • James Whitmore
    role:Mark Twain
  • Michele Mariana
    role:Becky Thatcher
  • Michele Mariana
    role: The Mysterious Stranger
  • Gary Krug
    Gary Krug
    role:Huck Finn
  • Chris Ritchie
    Chris Ritchie
    role:Tom Sawyer
  • John Morrison
    John Morrison
    role: Adam
  • Carol Edelman
    Carol Edelman
  • Dal McKennon
    Dal McKennon
    role: Jim Smiley
  • Herb Smith
    Herb Smith
    role: The Stranger
  • Marley Stone
    Marley Stone
    role:Aunt Polly
  • Wilbur Vincent
    Wilbur Vincent
    role: The Mysterious Stranger
  • Wally Newman
    Wally Newman
    role: Captain Stormfield
  • Tim Conner
    Tim Conner
    role: Three-Headed Alien
  • Todd Tolces
  • Billy Scream
    Billy Scream
    role: The Indexivator
  • Bob Griggs
    role: First Heckler
  • Coward Wholesale
    Coward Wholesale
    role: Second Heckler
  • Tom Gasek
    Tom Gasek
    role: Man in Crowd
  • Sally Sopwith
    Sally Sopwith
    role: Woman in Crowd
  • Will Vinton
    role: Dan'l Webster
  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards
    role: First Miner
  • Harvey Brown
    Harvey Brown
    role: Second Miner
  • Craig Bartlett
    role: Calaveras Miner
  • Mark Gustafson
    role: Calaveras Miner
  • Bruce McKean
    Bruce McKean
    role: Calaveras Miner
  • Billy Victor
    Billy Victor
    role: God
  • Compton Downs
    Compton Downs
    role:Indianer Joe
  • Nell Suza
    Nell Suza
    role: Animals
  • Tim Kahn
    Tim Kahn
    role: Animals
  • Stashu Beencof
    Stashu Beencof
    role: Animals
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