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  • George Kennedy
    role: Professor Zebediah Jones
  • Ken Foree
    Ken Foree
    role: Byron Styles
  • Brad Dourif
    role: The Dark One
  • Susan Tyrrell
    role: High Priestess
  • Erica P. Hanson
    Erica P. Hanson
    role: First MacGrislee Sister
  • Amanda Jordan
    Amanda Jordan
    role: Second MacGrislee Sister
  • Del Howison
    role: Stapleton
  • Andrea Gaspar
    role: Pretty Witch With book
  • Camilla Torn
    Camilla Torn
    role: Witch with caldron
  • Amber Leigh Alderman
    Amber Leigh Alderman
    role: Sacrificial Victim
  • Brandi Michelle Bourgon
    Brandi Michelle Bourgon
    role: Fire-eating Witch
  • Heidi Moore
    Heidi Moore
    role: British Witch
  • Mick Farren
    role: Singer
  • Peter Atkins
    role: Guitarist
  • R.J. Parnell
    R.J. Parnell
    role: Drummer
  • Jack Lancaster
    role: Saxophone Player
  • Lisa Mende
    role: Backup Singer
  • Erin McKeever
    Erin McKeever
    role: Backup Singer
  • Kelly Lyons
    Kelly Lyons
    role: Hip Hop Witch
  • Mayra Gomez
    Mayra Gomez
    role: 4th Dancing Witch
  • Lisa Armstrong
    Lisa Armstrong
    role: Witch with Green Hair
  • Brad Linaweaver
    role: Demonic Priest
  • John Pepe
    role: Hooded Druid
  • John DeChancie
    role: Druid
  • Hal Fultz
    Hal Fultz
    role: Druid
  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera
    role: Druid