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  • Andy Conlan
    Andy Conlan
    role: Ronny Roman
  • Georgie Hill
    Georgie Hill
    role: Sarah March
  • Jade Collins
    Jade Collins
    role: Celestine Richards
  • Michael Hurst
    role: Trevor Norton
  • Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson
    role: Henry Peters
  • Matthew Sunderland
    role: Lemuel
  • Lucy Wigmore
    Lucy Wigmore
    role: Margot
  • David Christian
    David Christian
    role: Victorio The Great
  • Julia Hyde
    Julia Hyde
    role: Charlotte
  • Daniel McAlpine
    Daniel McAlpine
    role: Lance
  • Molly Tramposch
    Molly Tramposch
    role: Lisa
  • Jason Yeung-Westland
    Jason Yeung-Westland
    role: Ronny Roman - 12 years ...
  • Freya McKechnie
    Freya McKechnie
    role: Charlotte - 10 years old
  • Shelby Sparnon
    Shelby Sparnon
    role: Sarah March - 9 years old
  • Timothy Raby
    role: Theatre Presenter
  • Tim Schijf
    Tim Schijf
    role: Marcus Gordon
  • Lutz Halbhubner
    Lutz Halbhubner
    role: Stage Hypnotist
  • Peter Watts
    Peter Watts
    role: Jolly Man
  • Rohon Obera
    Rohon Obera
    role: Stage Hand
  • Greydon Little
    Greydon Little
    role: Road Rager #1
  • Andrew Schurr
    Andrew Schurr
    role: Road Rager #2
  • James Ferguson
    James Ferguson
    role: Hypnotised Man
  • Maggie Abreu
    Maggie Abreu
    role: Hypnotised Woman
  • Robyn Duncan-Cox
    Robyn Duncan-Cox
    role: Matron
  • Tarryn Smit
    Tarryn Smit
    role: Nurse in the Hallway
  • Win Forsman
    Win Forsman
    role: Undertaker
  • Steve Dods
    Steve Dods
    role: Priest
  • David Hornblow
    David Hornblow
    role: Takeaway Boss
  • Matt MacDougall
    Matt MacDougall
    role: Cyclist
  • Fiona Cook
    Fiona Cook
    role: Waitress in the Diner