přidat herce


  • Yaphet Kotto
    role: Big Daddy Foxx
  • Kirk Calloway
    Kirk Calloway
    role: Baby 'D
  • Thomas Carter
    role: Player
  • Donn C. Harper
    role: Tiny
  • Lynn Caridine
    Lynn Caridine
    role: Jan-Jan
  • Patricia McCaskill
    Patricia McCaskill
    role: Shirl
  • Lynn Harris
    Lynn Harris
    role: Sweet Potatoe
  • Rudy Ray Moore
    role: Goldie
  • Rosalind Cash
    role: Mama
  • Randy Brooks
    role: Win
  • Debbi Morgan
    role: Vi
  • Fuddle Bagley
    role: Mr. Molet
  • Frank Rice
    role: The Black Knight
  • Carl W. Crudup
    Carl W. Crudup
    role: Joe
  • Duchyll Martin Smith
    Duchyll Martin Smith
    role: Beatrice
  • Steven Williams
    role: The Manager
  • Frank Barrett
    Frank Barrett
    role: Leon
  • Ralph Johnson
    Ralph Johnson
    role: Cobra
  • Dewellie Colbert
    Dewellie Colbert
    role: Moe
  • Robin Morgan
    Robin Morgan
    role: Tanya
  • Altyrone Brown
    Altyrone Brown
    role: Bugger
  • Nathaniel Reed
    Nathaniel Reed
    role: Cook
  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith
    role: Guard #1
  • George Roby
    George Roby
    role: Guard #2
  • Robert Townsend
    role: Musician
  • Recoe Walker
    Recoe Walker
    role: Musician
  • Jeffrey Hazle
    Jeffrey Hazle
    role: The Queen
  • Reginald Parker
    Reginald Parker
    role: Doorman
  • Nate Mallet
    Nate Mallet
    role: City Man
  • Clifford Thomas
    Clifford Thomas
    role: Alderman