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  • Chris Kalhoon
    role: Wyatt Earp
  • Bert Thomas Morris
    Bert Thomas Morris
    role: Narrator
  • Adam LaFramboise
    role: Jesse James
  • David Stevens
    role:Jesse James
  • Will Strongheart
    Will Strongheart
    role:Crazy Horse
  • Moses Brings Plenty
    Moses Brings Plenty
    role:Sitting Bull
  • Morgan Lund
    role:Gen. Ulysses Simpson ...
  • John C. Bailey
    role: Gen. George Armstrong ...
  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart
    role:Wyatt Earp
  • Derek Chariton
    Derek Chariton
    role: Billy the Kid
  • Eric Rolland
    role: Thomas Durant
  • Ric Maddox
    role:Sheriff Pat Garrett
  • Kera O'Bryon
    role: Zerelda James
  • Jim Jackman
    role: Rutherford B. Hayes
  • Hugh Scully
    Hugh Scully
    role: Allan Pinkerton
  • Joseph Carlson
    Joseph Carlson
    role:Frank James
  • Josh McLerran
    role: Billy the Kidd Gang ...
  • Isabela Osorio
    Isabela Osorio
    role: Native American Girl
  • William Day
    William Day
    role: Bank Manager
  • Erik Young
    role: Union Soldier
  • Mike Marunde
    Mike Marunde
    role: William T. Sherman
  • Scott Conner
    Scott Conner
    role: Prosecutor
  • Deven Davenport
    Deven Davenport
    role: Tom McLaury
  • Rich Dally
    Rich Dally
    role: Custer's Lieutenant
  • Joseph Discher
    Joseph Discher
    role: Adalbert James
  • Samuel Dunning
    Samuel Dunning
    role:Charlie Ford
  • Nick Bialis
    Nick Bialis
    role:Morgan Earp
  • Michael Chmiel
    role:Ike Clanton
  • Glynn Praesel
    role:Clell Miller
  • Richard Fike
    role: Boom Town Sherriff