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  • Toni Attell
    role: Cocktail Waitress
  • Mike Bacarella
    role: Cop in Laundromat
  • Billy Beck
    role: Pop, Manager Red Wagon ...
  • Don Bovingloh
    role: Maitre D'
  • Richard 'Moon' Calhoun
    Richard 'Moon' Calhoun
    role: Drummer
  • Tommy Chong
    Tommy Chong
    role: Chong
  • Jennifer Condos
    Jennifer Condos
    role: Bass Player
  • John Corrona
    John Corrona
    role: St. Louis Biker
  • Dave Coulier
    role: Man with Tongue in ...
  • Shelby Chong
    role: French Girl #1
  • Aaron Freeman
    Aaron Freeman
    role: Cop in Ghetto
  • Mike Friedman
    Mike Friedman
    role: Car Rental Agent
  • Evelyn Guerrero
    role: Cheech's Friend ...
  • Maya Harman
    Maya Harman
    role: Belly Dancer
  • Vanaghan S. Housepian
    Vanaghan S. Housepian
    role: Henchman
  • Lance Kinsey
    role: Plastic Surgeon
  • Janice Ladik
    Janice Ladik
    role: Mom in Laundromat
  • Jay Lawson
    Jay Lawson
    role: Gas Station Attendant
  • Cheech Marin
    role: Cheech
  • Rikki Marin
    role: French Girl #2
  • Senta Moses
    role: Kid in Laundromat
  • Dorothy Neumann
    role: Mom
  • John Paragon
    role: Red Carpet Man #1
  • Shabazz Perez
    Shabazz Perez
    role: Man with Toupe
  • Gregory Polcyn
    Gregory Polcyn
    role: Busboy
  • Ben Powers
    role: The Pimp
  • Ernest Rayford III
    Ernest Rayford III
    role: Mekka Car Wash Attendant ...
  • John Steadman
    role: Old Timer
  • John Tisdale
    John Tisdale
    role: Mekka Car Wash Attendant ...
  • George Wallace
    George Wallace
    role: The Champ
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