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  • Leon Chabot
    role: Joe Banks
  • Marty Gage
    Marty Gage
    role: Buddy Clarke
  • Aldo Bonato
    Aldo Bonato
    role: Cliff Stunt Spectator / ...
  • Darren Moore
    role: Cliff Stunt Spectator
  • Jocelyn Fortier
    Jocelyn Fortier
    role: Cliff Stunt Spectator
  • Kenny Hughes
    Kenny Hughes
    role: Cliff Stunt Spectator / ...
  • Derek Maryanovich
    Derek Maryanovich
    role: Cliff Stunt Spectator / ...
  • Ezra Leary
    Ezra Leary
    role: Young Joe Banks
  • Lyndon Pogue
    Lyndon Pogue
    role: Golden Boy
  • Colton Mateo Allin
    Colton Mateo Allin
    role: Golden Boy's Sidekick
  • Jayden Ouimet
    Jayden Ouimet
    role: Kid at Playground
  • Allison Bota
    Allison Bota
    role: Young Girl / Stewardess
  • Aaron Andrew Moy-Peche
    Aaron Andrew Moy-Peche
    role: Young Buddy Clarke
  • Coral Osborne
    Coral Osborne
    role: Young Cashier / Waitress
  • Bo Fred Olsson
    Bo Fred Olsson
    role: Manny 'The Gem' Opal
  • Tracy Lai
    Tracy Lai
    role: Coffee Shop Waitress
  • Jason Ouimet
    Jason Ouimet
    role: Theatre Usher / Person ...
  • Micah Gardener
    role: Wet-Eared Reporter / ...
  • Porter-Ellis Cleary
    Porter-Ellis Cleary
    role: Person Outside Theatre / ...
  • Ryan Dahle
    Ryan Dahle
    role: Person Outside Theatre
  • Megan Elizabeth Bradfield
    Megan Elizabeth Bradfield
    role: Person Outside Theatre
  • Calin Maneiu
    Calin Maneiu
    role: Champagne Charlie
  • Brooke Fader
    Brooke Fader
    role: The Girl / Stewardess
  • Bill Mackenzie
    role: Bus Driver / Person on ...
  • Melanie Crystal
    Melanie Crystal
    role: Rubicam's Receptionist
  • Samantha McLeod
    role: Hot-Looking Blonde
  • Adam Maryanovich
    Adam Maryanovich
    role: Lunch Counter Shopper
  • Marilyn Maryanovich
    Marilyn Maryanovich
    role: Lunch Counter Shopper
  • Lyndsay Gieck
    Lyndsay Gieck
    role: Champagne Charlie's ...
  • Tom Hackett
    Tom Hackett
    role: Man with Baby