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  • Kevin Costner
    role:Roy 'Tin Cup' ...
  • Rene Russo
    role:Dr. Molly Griswold
  • Don Johnson
    role: David Simms
  • Cheech Marin
    role: Romeo Posar
  • Linda Hart
    role: Doreen
  • Dennis Burkley
    role: Earl
  • Rex Linn
    role: Dewey
  • Lou Myers
    role: Clint
  • Richard Lineback
    role: Curt
  • George Perez
    role: Jose
  • Mickey Jones
    role: Turk
  • Michael Milhoan
    role: Boone
  • Lance Barrow
    Lance Barrow
    role: CBS Director
  • Brian Hammons
    Brian Hammons
    role: 1st Golf Channel ...
  • Mike Ritz
    Mike Ritz
    role: 2nd Golf Channel ...
  • Peter Kostis
    Peter Kostis
    role: Golf Channel Reporter
  • Jimmy Roberts
    Jimmy Roberts
    role: ESPN Reporter
  • George Michael
    George Michael
    role: Sports Machine Host
  • Kris Ancira
    Kris Ancira
    role: Golden Tassel Dancer
  • Sharyn McCreedy
    Sharyn McCreedy
    role: Golden Tassel Waitress
  • Gregory Avellone
    role: Man Behind the Ropes
  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson
    role: Mickelson's Caddie
  • Susan A. Cabral
    Susan A. Cabral
    role: Patient in Exit Room
  • Del Roy
    role: Local Qualifier Starter
  • Sanford Gibbons
    role: Local Qualifier Official
  • Irina Gasanova
    Irina Gasanova
    role: 19th Hole Waitress
  • Bill Caplan
    role: US Open Starter
  • Sharon Costner
    Sharon Costner
    role: Grandmother with Dog
  • Bill Costner
    Bill Costner
    role: Grandfather with Dog
  • Joe Costner
    Joe Costner
    role: Grandchild